Changing in the same direction

I’ve been getting out of bed at 5:30 a.m.

I wake up, take the coffee grinder behind a closed door so I don’t wake the baby, make coffee and settle myself into my office chair. I take a deep breath, a sip of the hot liquid (though I’m awake already) and begin to write. Or to edit. Or to research. There is some mode of creation happening, every morning, in a room in my very own house, because I am waking up for it.

I’m not sure what it will bring. I have dreams to beautiful to share, hopes too tentative to let fly — for now. But I am dreaming. I am looking within more than I ever have before. I am discovering that I have something to say, and that regardless of audience or outcome, my words need to be borne, to have life. For me. For the words themselves. For healing and wholeness. For my children, my life and my one blink-of-an-eye.

As part of all of that, there are changes coming to this blog very soon. I’ve been getting something else ready to launch, something that lets me be a more complete self in a single online space. I’m nervous about this one little step, even, I’m worried about how it will be received, I’m avoiding working on it simply so I can stay comfortably where I am, but something holy propels me forward. It’s the same something that gets me up in the morning and is changing my view day by day. It’s the Something that is slowly, surely prodding me into becoming who I’ve been created to be.

So, soon! Look for an announcement, a redirection, a redefinition of my online space. I so, so hope you will keep joining me for what I find along the way.

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