The lighter side of African living

>After my last post, several moms — by adoption and by birth — told me that they’ve had the same thoughts and feelings about their children, which eventually grew into the Great Love they feel now. I am confident that my love for Benjamin will soon be the same as the love I have for my two at home. I just wanted to be honest about my struggle so that others might not feel so alone and isolated as I did when the feelings first arose.

And now for some lighter fare.

I’m spending lots of time at my guesthouse these days while I wait for the next step on our list. And for some reason, the critters have found me.

Mosquitos tend to swarm around me and leave my husband alone, mostly. My problems start when the critters get a little bigger than that.

The night after Nathan went home, I started hearing chewing in the built-in wardrobe in my room. I reasoned that it could be a harmless gecko, scratching at something. Maybe a really big gecko. With claws. But the next morning after kicking and knocking on the drawers to sufficiently scare anything back into the space behind, I gingerly opened the bottom drawer and saw a corner of it was being gnawed away, with fresh wood shavings below as evidence.

At home, we have bats in our attic. We will try to keep them from coming in next year, but for now they can stay until spring. We have an understanding: They do not try to enter my living space, and they leave after winter.

This critter (I’m going to go with mouse, but I have evidence that it’s probably a rat) was trying to gnaw its way out of the drawer. Into my space. That is one step too far. So the sweet staff here gave me some rat poison, which I placed into the drawer, and I’m hoping it’s now working its deadly magic. (sorry, rat lovers. this rat has got to go.)

Then yesterday, Benjamin was fussing so I decided to strap him in the baby carrier and walk around the yard of our guesthouse. It’s a lovely space and very peaceful, and there’s even a resident bunny that hops around, eating grass and looking cute. A friend who stayed here last year said the bunny would hop into her daughter’s lap, even. Benjamin and I were making a circle around the fence when we saw another adoptive family’s teenager hanging out near the bunny. I said hello to the bunny, let Benja look for a minute, then continued our walk. A minute later, the girl is yelling, “he’s hopping right for you!” I looked, and the bunny was indeed making a beeline across the yard, straight in my direction. I thought, oh that’s cute, but was also slightly alarmed at the bunny’s rate of speed and the intensity in its eyes. It made a circle around me as I greeted it again, “oh hi, bunny!” And then it spun around, spraying urine all over my pants.


The teenagers had seen the whole thing and were laughing hysterically. Now more guesthouse residents were watching.

I told it so. “Rude, bunny! Oh my word! What is wrong with you?” I stomped my foot in its general direction to get it away from me, which resulted in even more spinning and more spraying.

More hysterical laughter from the no-splash zone.

Why did I never know that bunnies have a sinister side? The bunny is now my enemy, and I’m plotting my revenge. I do have some extra rat poison…

That was a joke.

I’m just praying that during the rest of my time here, no other African beasts decide I’m worth pursuing.

(I so wanted to get a picture of the rabbit for this post, but after not seeing it from the balconies, I wasn’t about to go get close to it again.)

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5 comments on “The lighter side of African living

  1. Amber says:

    >Oh my goodness! When you were saying about the bunny coming at you at a high rate of speed I totally had a picture of the rabbit from Month Python and the Holy Grail in my head! And I can totally hear you yelling at the bunny lol!

    Thank you for the laugh. I needed it today!

  2. Marissa and Kevin says:

    >HILARIOUS!!! 🙂 HA HA HA!!! Oh the rat thing…Im NOT a fan of rodents!!! AHHH!!!

  3. Tina Harriman says:

    >Oh my goodness…I'll be sure to steer clear of the bunny when I'm there…Hmmm…should I warn Brock or see if the bunny likes him too! Haha! Great story.

  4. Jules says:

    >Oh, that rat so has to go – apparently he and the bunny are friends?

  5. Kimberly says:

    >Julie, I'm beginning to think that it IS the bunny chewing in my closet. That thing is out to get me.