>I know, our story isn’t over yet. This epilogue is for my adventures yesterday.

After all of that… the Electorial Commission in Uganda decided to reschedule the Kampala mayoral elections for Monday, declaring it a public holiday. And the American Embassy will be closed.

I think it happened when I was on the boda on the way to the Embassy, breathing my prayer into Kampala’s dust and diesel exhaust: God gave me a shot of grace, and I understood. The whole thing is out of my hands. I was doing what I could, but this is adoption, and This Is Africa, and everything goes sideways all the time. The Embassy has closed unexpectedly at least twice since I’ve been in Uganda (mostly for election-related events, since things can get dicey and Americans shouldn’t venture out). We can only do what we can do, and the rest is up to Him.

So when my friend called last night to tell me about the elections, I didn’t even have an emotional reaction (unlike earlier in the day). I was ready to accept the next unexpected roadblock. Because what else can I do? I am here but for his grace, and I will return home in the same fashion. If I need to be here longer than I wanted, then I know God will give me the grace I need for those extra days. He’s promised to never leave me, and I trust him. He was faithful to bring me to the end of myself once again. Honestly, this is a much better place to be than where I was earlier on Friday.

So for now, I’ll wait to hear the next instruction. Here’s what I hope: the Embassy calls on Monday, telling me to come on Tuesday (a day when they don’t normally do interviews), then processes Benjamin’s visa in one day rather than two. But if it doesn’t go that way, then I’ll lean on God for strength for more time in Africa, grace for me and my family during our separation, and hope that he will complete this work he started.

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