While we wait for our ruling and guardianship order from the judge, we have other items to check off our list. Today, Benjamin had his medical exam, where we found he’s gained 5 pounds in the 2 months we’ve been either supporting or caring for him. He’s now over 18 pounds and looks every bit like a healthy, strong 8-month-old. We feel so blessed to have people who helped him reach this milestone before we could get to Uganda ourselves.

Then, we dropped off many documents to the U.S. Embassy, where they also agreed to schedule our visa interview for just two days after our ruling. This is also great news — if everything is in place by that day, then we will have no problem getting Benjamin’s visa before we’re scheduled to fly home on March 17th. We need the judge’s written ruling by our embassy day… and sometimes it takes several more days after the ruling date to get all the final paperwork from court. Please pray that our judge will be in an even better mood on ruling day, and that he will have all the paperwork ready on that day.

Praising God for progress and good news while we wait for the BIG news that Benjamin is finally ours!

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