And then — rest.

>These last few days have been full of relaxation, bonding and quiet. Which is exactly what we needed. Our souls called out to God, and he answered us with rest. I have about six blog posts stewing in my head, and I’ll try to get them all down here soon. In the meantime, enjoy some recent photos!

His afro is much bigger when we comb it out!

Sleep — both naps and nighttime — has gotten longer and better.

Smiling in his sleep!

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8 comments on “And then — rest.

  1. Chasity says:

    >All the pics are SO sweet, but this last one has got to be my favorite! Sweet dreams baby boy! So very glad you are all able to rest and connect. God is an amazing God.

  2. Marissa and Kevin says:

    >Kim, I think this is the MOST precious picture I have ever seen! See, God is already granting Peace!!! Much love and continued prayers my dear friends!

  3. Amber says:

    >That last picture is a picture of a baby who knows he is loved, safe, and secure. So beautiful.

  4. Tina Harriman says:

    >Praise God for answered prayers! You look so great and he looks so content…it's just amazing. Can't wait to read more of what's brewing in your head! =)

  5. Stacey says:

    >So precious. Loving these updates. Continuing to pray!

  6. Emily says:

    >He just keeps getting cuter I think! So glad you've been able to rest!

  7. BigK says:

    >So happy things are getting better and God is providing for you. Still loving your blogposts! Thanks for sharing this. And he is just precious. So sweet.

    Emily Runyan is really interested in reading about your journey. Would you invite her to your blog? Her email is

  8. Claire says:

    >oh he is absolutely darling!