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Being home again

>It’s Audrey’s 7th birthday today, the end of March, and there’s snow swirling outside my window. Apparently tropical baby skin

Coming home

>Monday, the Embassy was closed. It had been confirmed. Yet, I never got a call canceling my appointment. As the


>I know, our story isn’t over yet. This epilogue is for my adventures yesterday. After all of that… the Electorial

He may possibly be teething.

>Scroll down to read my update from today, but first look at these pictures! The drool factory is quite impressive

3 things and prayer requests

>I have an announcement: I got three important things accomplished in Africa today. Yes, you heard me. THREE things in


>Today, we were appointed legal guardians of Benjamin. This means, yes… he is ours. We knew he was ours, of

The lighter side of African living

>After my last post, several moms — by adoption and by birth — told me that they’ve had the same

Falling in love

>Nathan is on the other side of the computer now for skype conversations, and Audrey and Owen’s faces have changed.

In the meantime…

>I do have less time to post now that Nathan’s not here, but my updates have also been held up

Fare thee well

>Tonight, Nathan flies back home. It’s hard to believe that nearly two weeks has flown by, and now it’s his