Prayer requests

>Not much time to write tonight… but if you’re the praying kind, will you please remember us today?

First, we have our court hearing tomorrow morning. We have been told that the judge who will hear our case is very good, but very particular about the details. Please pray that everything would go smoothly, that we would be viewed favorably, and that God would cover us in his grace during the whole thing. I’m nervous!

(We won’t know a result tomorrow, but we hope the judge will set a ruling date — usually within a couple of weeks — when he issues his decision on our case.)

Next, please pray for our wisdom for our nights with Benjamin. While he’s SO happy all day long, his nights are a completely different story. He wakes up a lot, and while some of this is for food (he’s still catching up to a normal weight/height for his age, due to not enough nutrients earlier), he’s very fussy and refuses to be comforted for long stretches. It’s more difficult for me, I think… both physically and emotionally draining. Please pray that we would know how to comfort him and that we could all start getting better rest at night very soon!

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6 comments on “Prayer requests

  1. Anne says:

    >He is grieving, and unfortunately there isn't much you can do for him except be there and cry with him. Everything is different now, and he knows it. This will pass though!!! Hang in there. Will be praying for you all, and for a smooth court date.

  2. Emily says:


  3. Shannon Van Brunt says:

    >Lots of Prayers heading your way!

  4. Tina Harriman says:

    >Oh Kim….I will be praying for you guys. Can't wait to hear how court goes tomorrow. I am planning a trip to Uganda soon! I think you will be home by the time I come, but I'm excited to continue to learn more from your experience. Soooo exciting. He is beautiful. I'll be praying especially for you to be rested and refreshed each morning. Remember this will pass, someday, he will sleep through the night in peace. =)

  5. Deb Sternke says:

    >We're praying!

  6. becoming 7 says:

    >praying for all of you… draw your strength from the Lord… He will give you wisdom and comfort in this time.