>(written while we were waiting for a court date)

Never has so much energy
been required
to be where I am.
Each new day brings new
And the pain of hope unfulfilled
as fresh today
as it was the first time.
Wide awake but half conscious,
hyper-aware yet absent.
My heart is here —
but my hope
is in Africa.
Hope that refuses to rest until I am there
searching your face
smelling your skin
squeezing your hands
swallowing you up in my arms.
Baby, we are almost there.

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2 comments on “Limbo

  1. becoming 7 says:

    >written well:)

    VERY exciting news about the Ugandan adoption! Our family will be praying for yours! What an amazing adventure!

  2. The Lees says:

    >You know I'm not just saying this when I say, "I KNOW HOW YOU'RE FEELING RIGHT NOW!!!" Oh gosh … what a priviledge to be able to go through an international adoption. Powerful emotions. It's like a secret club. Praying for you guys!! 🙂