Everything is new again

>I’ve been reluctant to post anything for the last 3 months because our journey has changed, and I wasn’t sure if foreign government officials would have opinions about it. So I’ve been quiet. But, I’ve been so blessed by others’ blogs, and I have a desire to document what’s happening and what will happen, so I think going private is going to be my route of choice. Sorry about making you log in to the blog — but if you’re interested, you can now follow our journey to Africa. Twice.

Yes, twice.

Here’s a note I posted on Facebook a few weeks ago. For those that don’t know, this is where we’re at:

In just a few weeks, a new Van Brunt will be joining our family! But it may be different from what you’re thinking. (And if you’re thinking I’m pregnant, that’s not it either!)

Most of you know that we started the process to adopt from Rwanda about this time last year. We’re still “in line” there, waiting to hear that the government approves us, and then a few months later we’ll get a referral (photo and info on our baby girl), and then a little while later we’ll go get her.

But as we waited for Rwanda, God eventually opened our hearts to two things: That our family should adopt two children, and that the process for the second adoption should start now. So we started again. And because Rwanda closed to adoptions after we submitted our paperwork, God led us to Uganda.

Then, he led us to a 6-month-old baby boy in a way only he could. And soon, we will fly to Africa and hold him for the first time. We feel so honored that God would entrust him to us, and that we get to raise him and call him our son.

We still don’t know when we’ll hear from Rwanda or when we’ll first see our little girl. It might be at the end of this year; it might be a couple years from now. But when our family is complete, our two youngest will be from neighboring countries in eastern Africa.

I’ve been quiet about all of this because I wasn’t sure what would come of it. I wanted to be still, to wait, to watch it all unfold first. There is beauty in holding something close. It was our little miracle, and it was so amazing to behold. But now, because it seems like it is really happening (took me a long time to believe it, and sometimes I still don’t), we feel ready to tell everyone. And we’d better, because our family picture is about to change!

To be honest, I was also fearful that announcing our news would invite criticism. I mean, it even seems crazy to me: we’re doing two adoptions at once. Our two youngest kids might be virtual twins. We’re going from a family of four to a family of six in a relatively short time. Our world is about to be ROCKED. If I kept quiet, I wouldn’t hear any criticism or see the “what are you thinking?!” looks. But then I realized that if I don’t open up and invite others into our story, then I wouldn’t be opening myself to the love and support that I know our amazing friends have to offer.

Please pray with us that God will continue to guide us by his grace, and that all the important papers will fall into place at just the right time. Thanks for listening and being part of our story! We feel so blessed to share it with you.

We now have a court date for the end of February, and will be taking off in less than 2 weeks! If I’m honest, I want to leave tomorrow. But, I’m trying to live in today, kissing my two other kids’ soft cheeks, french braiding my daughter’s hair, reading books and playing until it’s time to go. 4 weeks away from them will be … I don’t even know what it will be like. Difficult, for sure. My heart already lurches when I think about it (so I try not to).

Thanking God for this time, when he’s provided so much for our family to be able to make this journey. Thanks for following along.

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One comment on “Everything is new again

  1. Marci says:

    >Wow! I didn't know you were waiting in Rwanda too! How cool is that! And yes, I feel your fears about critism on adopting 2. We are hoping for 2, and everyone thinks we are nuts, despite the fact we parent our children very well and we are not stressed out. I mere fact you have 4 under a certain age unnerves people… we will have 5 under 6.5 when we travel. :-0
    🙂 But we feel at peace and know it will be difficult… for a season. Praying both your babies home!