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Change and pain

I’m linking up this post with The Gypsy Mama today, 12/26/11. This post is my favorite of the year because

Court day

>I thought it was over. Knowing our judge was very detailed and particular, I was ready for him to find

Prayer requests

>Not much time to write tonight… but if you’re the praying kind, will you please remember us today? First, we

A walk through the slums of Kampala

>This morning, our driver picked us up to go to the place where Benjamin spent his first 7 months. First,

There he was

>I forced myself to watch a mindless romantic comedy when we were 3 hours until arrival in Kampala. I was

We’re off!

>We’re on the first leg plane awaiting departure! If all goes according to our initerary, we’ll be holding baby Benjamin


>I. JUST. LOVE YOU!!!he screamsfour-year-old fingers gripping my cheeksforehead to foreheadnoses smushing together.I smileand acheto think of our upcoming separation.How


>(written while we were waiting for a court date) Never has so much energybeen requiredto be where I am.Each new