Dossier to Rwanda (almost) day!


Is Dossier to Rwanda (DTR) day the day you ship it, or the day it’s received? Today’s our “we shipped our dossier to Rwanda today!” day.
Right now, our dossier is sitting in a FedEx box, ready to get on an airplane that will land in Rwanda sometime next week. I paid for it to get there on Monday, but you never know. Once in Kigali, our lawyer will keep one copy for himself and take the original to the Ministry of Family and Gender, where they will finally know that our family has been working for months to request a baby from Rwanda join our family.
I didn’t take any photos of myself with a furrowed brow, my expression for most of the afternoon, after I got our paperwork back from DC at 2:30 and started scanning everything for our records. Then it was into the page protectors, organized by letter in a binder! (Well, 2 binders — one original and a copy for our lawyer.)
I could’ve chosen plain binders, but I went for fancy.
It’s not a little bit of paperwork.
Maybe I went with pretty binders because most of the documents look like this on the inside.
(I love how it says “To all to whom these presents shall come…” Yes! They are presents, from me to you.)
Audrey took this one of me after it was all done! Do I look sleepy? Because that’s how I feel.
And then the nice lady at FedEx took this for me. We’re another step closer to you, baby girl!
And now after that whirlwind, my brain is having trouble settling down. I feel after-stress or something, like I still need to organize some papers of some kind. I went over the list again and again and I’m confident it’s all there… it’s just been a lot to coordinate!
And while the process is long and difficult for our daughter’s protection, I’m still astounded by how easy it is. I mean, all I do is send these papers to Rwanda and they allow us to take home a baby? What a miracle!
So now comes the wait… 9 months if we’re lucky. I’m planning for longer. Maybe we’ll get to travel next summer? I will put my hope in the Lord; he is enough to carry us through these next months of waiting.

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