Dossier in Rwanda

>According to FedEx tracking, our dossier is in Kigali! When I saw those words on the screen, I started crying… I’m not even sure what that’s about! I guess it’s that our paperwork — this representation of our family — is now very close to our next baby. Our baby may be in her first mother’s womb now, she might already be born, but we know that her name has been written in our family’s story from the beginning of time.

I’m probably also more emotional because three families are there today, in Kigali, uniting with their children for the first time. It’s so beautiful to see the photos and read the descriptions. One picture shows a mother kissing her infant daughter for the first time… my heart was in my throat looking at that one, thinking about when it will be our turn, when we will be there doing the same thing, feeling the same feelings. Owen’s birthday is coming up in a couple weeks… I keep thinking that at his next birthday, we’ll hopefully be a family of five.
I’m hoping that our dossier will be delivered to the Ministry’s office tomorrow. Then, I’ll exhale. And from then until we get more news, every exhale will be a prayer.

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