Amazing news!


Our home study was finalized on Thursday of last week! We were so grateful. But get this — WE GOT OUR APPROVAL FROM USCIS TODAY! That’s US Immigration saying that we have been deemed fit to bring an orphan into the country.
That piece of paper coming in the mail today is nothing short of a miracle. Minnesota is the leading state in the nation for international adoptions. This is such a beautiful thing, but it also means that our USCIS office is very, very busy. After you get all your information in (application, fingerprints and home study), it takes an average of two months to get your approval. Or up to 90 days.
USCIS got our home study on Friday, and they approved us ONE DAY later.
Those six weeks we got delayed by the state of MN changing its rules were *poof!* erased, just like that. I really believe this had to be a supernatural intervention. God must have a reason that our paperwork needs to be in Rwanda ASAP, and I’m more than happy to go with it!
Now I just need one more form from our doctor, and we can get everything notarized locally, then authenticated at the MN Secretary of State, then we’ll send our documents to the Department of State and the Rwandan Embassy in Washington, D.C. for final stamping — and then it’s off to Rwanda! After that, we’re looking at a wait time of 9+ months.
Nathan said today, “I was just thinking that not EVERYthing will take longer than we thought… maybe something will be shorter.”
I cannot describe how I felt getting this letter and realizing what it was! (I thought for sure they were going to request more information or there was some other delay. There was NO WAY It was our approval.) I screamed. Owen, after realizing I was happy, started laughing. I was shaking. I’m still shaking, and my heart is beating out of my chest! I’ve just seen God’s hand so evident in our adoption, and it’s just so wonderful to get confirmation and GOOD news in this long and difficult process!
Here’s the lovely document…

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