>Our draft home study was ready around mid-March.

The Minnesota Department of Human Services (DHS) announced on March 9 that all agencies in MN must use their new forms and templates for all adoption home studies — and made that effective retroactively to March 8. While that’s a lot for agencies to adjust to, DHS also attempted to make all the forms universal, applying to foster care, domestic and international adoption. This concerns agencies working in international adoption, because some questions and sections on the forms do not apply to adoption from another country and may cause problems/confusion in Rwanda once our dossier is over there. Our agency is trying to clarify things with DHS, as well as trying to get home studies that were already in process “grandfathered” in so that the format doesn’t cause issues for us. They also asked for a bunch of additional information and we had to fill out a bunch of forms a second time (so they were on the DHS templates). Some of the information we provided will make our home study more thorough, but much of what they’re requiring is just busywork.
So — we’re in limbo right now. We’ve submitted everything we need to, and we’re just waiting for our agency to finalize our home study so we can get it sent to USCIS, finally. It’s another bump in the road, and I’m trusting God’s timing… but I feel my reserves and grace wearing thin as the days tick by. Will you pray for me, and for a quick resolution to these issues? Pray that I continue to rest in God’s grace. It’s sufficient. And his timing is always perfect.

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