Homestudy visit #1 down, last one in less than a week!

>Just a quick note.. we had our first home study visit last night, which was quite different than I imagined. Not very many questions were asked; we had more of a conversation about international adoption, adoption in general, multi-ethnic families etc. I’m sure she was just gauging where we are in our thinking, expectations, etc. Next visit she’s going to do more biographical information gathering, apparently.

She’s coming back for the second and final visit next week on Monday! I’m grateful that it’s going to be fairly soon — that just means that she’ll finish her draft sooner so we can move on to the next step.
Also yesterday, we got our “Notice of Action” from Homeland Security — basically stating that they received our petition to bring an orphan to the U.S., they took our money and we just need to wait for someone to contact us for our FBI fingerprinting in Minneapolis.
Will you pray that the process keeps going in the right direction (i.e., forward)? Feels good to be moving towards something…

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