>Eyes bright as stars or tranquil as dreams


Margaret Mead’s vision of a pro-child culture:

“Perhaps we shall also be able to develop a climate of opinion in which a mother waits with suspended imagination for her unknown child, ready to greet a stranger. And adoption may become so common that the drama of waiting for the unknown child with all the weight of longng that is part of having a child by a deeply loved person will be balanced by the drama of going with a loved person to choose a child already born and ready to curl its hand around its adopting father’s finger. Children may face gladly the knowledge that they were chosen for what they could be seen to be, a boy or a girl with white or black or brown or saffron skin and with eyes bright as stars or tranquil as dreams. Or they may know, happily, that they came as strangers and that they were welcomed by their parents who had not chosen them but in whose being they had a creative part.”

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