>Orientation call next week…

>Saturdays are nice. We had friends over for brunch and now the kids are “resting” with Daddy while I have some quiet time of my own.

it’s a great feeling to have a clean house (because of the company) and nothing on the agenda.
We scheduled a phone orientation with the agency we’ll most likely use for the adoption, when they cover the programs we’re interested in and get us started on first steps (like the first of the mountain of immigration paperwork to bring our child into the U.S.). It’s happening on Wednesday. When we first registered with them, we said we were only interested in Ethiopia — then I started reading more about a newer program they have in Rwanda.
Rwanda opened for international adoption just over a year ago, and things are still changing all the time with requirements, etc, so it may be a bit less certain. But I was able to find several blogs of families who have successfully completed a Rwandan adoption (through this agency or one other one), or are currently in the process. It looks like the wait time and costs are about equal with Ethiopia, and a few of the blog stories I’ve heard out of Rwanda are really heart-stirring. Like the experience of seeing the beautiful countryside (Rwanda is known as the Switzerland of Africa), then going through the heart-breaking genocide memorial. Or the sight of a police officer dropping off another baby they found that morning, probably about 1 week old, at the orphanage. The children of the genocide have grown up and are having babies of their own — except they still don’t have the infrastructure or means to take care of them. 20 years ago, there were three orphanages in Rwanda. Today, there are over 300. I read somewhere that it’s illegal for a Rwandan woman to surrender her baby, so they are forced to leave them in a public place, hoping that someone will pick them up and bring them to safety. Reminds me of the heartbreaking choice Moses’s mother (from the bible) was forced to make…
Anyway, I keep saying that we’ll wait to hear more on the phone call on Wednesday, but I wonder if God’s stirring something in our hearts for this country that was torn apart by genocide, but whose people are choosing peace and healing today. There are nearly 1 million orphans there. There are 4 million in Ethiopia. We’ll see where God leads us, but it’s looking like it’s somewhere in Africa. And more and more, we’re both feeling that it’s a girl.

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