>One more: Audrey the songwriter


Whoa, three blog posts in one day. Let me assure you, this is NOT the new norm.
Just wanted to remember this scene from this morning. After brunch, we were relaxing in the living room and Audrey came in, announcing that she was going to sing some songs. Turns out, they were originals. First, she was bundled up in a coat, scarf and gloves, singing about living at the North Pole, and how when she gets cold she just puts on her swimsuit and goes swimming in the sea. For the second song, she took off the outerwear and sang (in tune, with a surprisingly good melodic line) about summer, with the final lyric, “summer… is the best season of my life.”
The concert ended with a rousing singalong of “Happy Birthday,” which we sang to Cooper (our dog) for no apparent reason. Yes, our guests sang, too.
She’s quite a girl.

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