>Faith is always risky

>It’s Rwanda. Our baby girl might be in the womb of her first mama, in Rwanda, as we speak. Through a series of events, God has led us to Rwanda to pursue adoption, and — wanna hear something even crazier? We’re pursuing independent adoption. As in, after all the searching out of an agency, then thinking of switching to a new agency, we’re not going to work with an agency at all. Rwanda is very open about the fact that they prefer to work with individual families for international adoption, and have been doing so for several years. There is an awesome network of families who have done the same thing, plus a ministry dedicated to helping families do it, and their experience is greater than any agency could provide. Rwanda has only agreed to allow agencies to help families with their adoptions for about a year. Agencies simply haven’t completed many adoptions there yet.

Adoption is risky. International adoption can be even riskier. Rwanda is riskier still, since it’s not a huge program like Ethiopia and they’re still defining their rules. Even so, we feel like God is telling us to move forward.
Then, I found that I sort of expect everything to go perfectly now — God told us to do it, it must be right, everything must be smooth sailing, right? We found out something small yesterday — Nathan’s employer offers a generous adoption benefit (which we knew), but their policy is that they’ll reimburse expenses from a licensed agency. Right. So we probably won’t be able to get as much support from them as we thought. (But we’re praying they’ll make an exception — we may hear on Monday.)
It’s not a huge thing — not even a setback — but it was a reminder that we can expect the unexpected. That’s what everyone says going in, and I thought I was being totally realistic, but even that small thing was disappointing. I thought God was making the road smooth or something. Then there are families in our shoes, who believe they’re following the path God set out for them, and their dreams never become reality. It’s a possibility almost too heart-wrenching to consider, but a possibility nonetheless.
Will you join us in prayer? Pray that the agency we started with would be willing to do our home study, and at a reasonable cost (they don’t normally do that, but we’ve already done half the paperwork — we’ll likely hear about that on Monday as well). Pray that Nathan’s employer would make an exception and reimburse us for more adoption expenses. Pray for our baby girl and her first mama, for their safety and health. Pray for our hearts — to grow in faith, to embrace risk, to love more than we thought possible.

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One comment on “>Faith is always risky

  1. Emily says:

    >Yay Rwanda! I've been dealing with a lot of fear this past week too with our adoption…so many uncertain details and so much to figure out. A lot to trust God with! Good thing He is able! I'll be praying for you.