>Found out last week that Nathan’s employer will likely reimburse our expenses even when we aren’t working with an agency — we just have to document all our expenses and keep every receipt. This is huge!

Also found out that the agency we originally started with won’t do our home study. Bummer. But, we’re moving forward with another one, mailed the first of the paperwork last week, and hope to schedule our first home study appointment in the coming week.
In the meantime, we just got the long list of all the stuff we need to compile for our foreign dossier — the big binder of officially official documents that will travel to Rwanda ahead of us. Kind of daunting, but we’re going to take it one bullet point at a time.
I read a great blog post (from a family currently in Rwanda picking up their son) saying that adoption is truth cloaked in process. The process is annoying, but its ultimate goal is truth, and that makes wading through the process so worth it. Pray that God would cast the big picture as we work through the minutia.
We watched ‘Hotel Rwanda’ last night. Haven’t seen it? Do. It’s not as “hard to watch” as I anticipated, and I’ve been feeling differently about things that I’d rather turn away from. This is important. These people deserve to be heard. It happened in 1994, within my lifetime, and I remember it. The world, when it could have stepped in, crafted its PR statements and played political chess while nearly 1 million people were slaughtered. It’s easy to say “I’m only one person” or think that you can’t do much. The story of this movie is as inspiring as it is convicting. “We are what we are, and it’s more than enough.”
The movie made me want to read more about what has happened in the nearly 16 years since — how Rwanda has healed remarkably and become a shining example to developing countries. It’s also a mystery to me how my heart is getting all wrapped up with an Eastern African nation I’ve barely thought about up until about two months ago.
And I meant for this to be a quick, one-paragraph blog post. If you’ve gotten this far, you must love me. More later.

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