>Today my baby went to preschool for the first time. Tomorrow, my oldest heads to kindergarten.

My heart was a little tender today at preschool drop-off, but we were late and there wasn’t much time for goodbyes. Probably for the best. I don’t think I’ll get emotional tomorrow, either, though every time I’ve looked at Audrey the last couple of weeks I’ve gotten a bit nostalgic. I know that come next week, we’ll be in our routine and everyone will be thriving.
But as we all get used to getting out of the house on time and checking things off the list we need to get done in the morning, it’s a little rough. This morning went something like this:
Kim awake, starts making coffee
Owen awake, needs to sit on counter to ask 35 questions about why and how I am making coffee, what color it is, etc.
Owen breakfast
Audrey up, breakfast
“Owen, please sit up in your chair and eat.” This is repeated by me approximately 23 times, and still he probably took a total of 7 bites of cereal.
“Audrey, and you SURE you’re full? You’ve only eaten half a piece of toast.” This is only repeated about three times until she finally finishes it.
Owen dressed. He picks out his clothes with not much drama, feels like a small victory
Kim dressed. Kim starts to do hair and makeup.
“Audrey, time to get dressed! Pick out your clothes and show them to me before you put them on.” (This instruction is to avoid the ultra-dressy red skirt and purple shirt combo that she comes up with.)
Audrey’s dressed (acceptably).
Kids hair done
Socks and shoes on
Almost time to go.. wait! No one has gone potty.
Kids go potty.
Going out the door, realizing I haven’t eaten breakfast. Oh well, I guess it can wait.
That all happened before 7:15 a.m. And I was barking at the kids by the end of it. Argh.
We were headed to the hospital for Audrey’s cast removal (yay!), which was far more traumatic than I’d anticipated (boo!). Really though, the saw is pretty loud. But even after the nurse showed her that you can touch the “blade” without it hurting your skin, she was still freaked to the max, and we needed three nurses plus me to restrain her. And then I have Owen tucked under my arm, starting to freak out too. Thankfully Daddy got my text and arrived during x-rays, which were equally traumatic (since she had to move her stiff elbow), screaming and writhing and all of it.
Ten minutes after we were done at the hospital, Owen decided that he didn’t want to go to preschool after all (this, after talking about his teacher for weeks and saying what a big boy he his to go to school), and he resented me for talking about it or wanting to take his picture. Even after I picked him up (happy), as I was buckling him in, he hit me in the mouth when I asked him if he liked school. I guess he’s feeling a little conflicted about leaving mommy, too.
Before that, Audrey got to have a special morning with Mommy to celebrate her last day before kindergarten. We picked out stickers and a special stuffed animal, then she wanted ice cream. I’m not sure why I needed some too, but I had my own, then ate half of hers. Then had to deal with the guilt. What a way to start the day. Since then, I have dealt with the guilt by carb-loading (on LIFE cereal) and eating lots of M&Ms.
It’ll get better from here, right? Tell me it will.

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3 comments on “>Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes

  1. Emily says:

    >I was having this kind of day yesterday. But today was way better – I'm praying that for you tomorrow! And I am amazed that you can get two children out the door by 7:15 am.

  2. Ben Sternke says:

    >It will.

  3. Deb says:

    >Oh yes, it will. Give it a week or so. Hang in there — praying for you!