>It depends on your interpretation

>John Piper, a pastor in Minneapolis, gave a very Pat Robertson-esque “interpretation with some biblical warrant” of the tornado that struck his city yesterday. In short, God sent the tornado to warn the ELCA lutherans meeting there that they should repent (and shouldn’t affirm homosexuality).

I’m not going to get into this. I’m not going to touch the theology or exegesis of Piper’s thinking. I’m not even going to ask the question of how this builds up the kingdom in any way, or what kind of message it sends to nonbelievers about the relative sanity of Christians, and by extension, Christianity. No, the issues are too big for any of that.

Instead, I agree with a favorite college professor of mine, Jenell Williams Paris: this situation calls for some heavy satire. (And I’m hoping Jon Stewart is contributing to that cause as well.) Check out Jenell’s blog (The Toddler, The Discharge, and the Humidity from Aug. 20) for her own “interpretation with some biblical warrant” of the weather in her city. Brilliant.

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